Everyone has a favourite scene from a favourite film. Most people have more than one. Some people might not even like a film that much, or even remember what its really about – but they remember a scene, that’s for sure.

So what if you started with a scene and left out the movie around it?

A Scene presents fragments from movies that will probably never get made. They aren’t connected in any way. They are just based on singular ideas that someone thought could work quite well. So they went ahead and made them.

But what about that word “probably”? Someone might watch a scene and it gets them thinking of the next. Someone else might watch a scene and want to help create another. Nobody knows quite where a scene could take you.

But by creating a platform where directors, scriptwriters and actors can meet, share, network and collaborate, we intend to find out.

So, what’s your scene? And what should you do with it?

A Scene is currently a privately financed project. So when you get started, it’s under your own steam, budget and time frame. The first scenes were shot off the back of commercials and music videos.

What we want to do is help you join a space where directors, scriptwriters, actors and filmmakers can get to know about your idea and help you take it further.

If your scene fits the concept and ideals at the heart of A Scene, it gets published right here on the website as well as our associated channels on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. And the rest could be history.

ASCENE.TV is a concept created by Sebastian Reed and Camp David Film, and the first eight start up scenes were directed by Sebastian. Watch the trailer here.