In the car

Scene no 4 from A Scene.


Woman Malin Lybeck
Voice 1 Tom Greaves
Voice 2 Sean McCullagh
Directed By Sebastian Reed
DOP Mattias Rudh
Production Company Camp David Film
Produced By Jacob Eklund, Sebastian Reed
Armour Anders Lexne
Casting Elin Assarsson Lod
Music By Tommy Tysper, Broderick Batts
Edited By Sebastian Reed
Script Sebastian Reed
Production Design Emelie Ekenborn
Wardrobe Johanna Borggren, Sara Forsberg
Make Up Madeleine Gaterud
Online Johan Boije, Stopp
Grade Sabina Tornberg
Sound FX Eric Thorsell
Production cordinator Tim Mardell
Production Ass Miriam Hörngren Ayed
Props Christer Jonsson
Thanks Ljud och Bildmedia, Stopp, The Talent Group, ArtOfficial

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Release date: 16/02/11

no.08 Salesman

Release date: 16/02/25