Scene no 2 from A Scene.


Actor 1 Dylan Townsend
Actor 2 Danny Fox
Directed By Sebastian Reed
Script Sebastian Reed, Dylan Townsend
Voice Dylan Townsend
Poem Dylan Townsend
Produced By Sebastian Reed
DOP Fredrik B├Ąckar
Costume Design Johanna Borggren
Telecine Sabina Tornberg
Music Eric Thorsell
Sound Eric Thorsell
Online Johan Boije
Thanks! Stopp, The Talent Group, ArtOfficial, Steven Wood
Editor Sebastian Reed

no.0 Trailer

no.01 Roadkill

no.03 RYBA

no.04 In the car

no.05 Falling

no.06 The Amish

no.07 Ashes

Release date: 16/02/11

no.08 Salesman

Release date: 16/02/25